The Time of Shadows

Finding The Shadow Lords Influence

The Adventures of Mustafa

Mustafa and the others press on past the pond, but the uneasy feeling seems to linger, as if the marshland they walk through harbors ill intent towards them. After several hours, close to sun down, they see signs that they are getting close to the ruins they seek; a constructed wall of big stone blocks, weathered with age. Mustafa and the group become wary and move stealthily up to the wall. Peeking beyond the wall, they see a group of Yuan-Ti and a man dressed in Priest robes directing a strange group of lizardfolk. The lizardfolk seem to have been leached of color and they were shambling about, apparently searching the ground for stones. Mustafa plans to sneak closer to perform shadow strikes before the evil creatures knew what was going on, unfortunately Jacob misplaces a step and snaps a twig loudly, alerting the closest Yuan-Ti. They notice the group and raise an alarm, signalling the whole crowd to charge. The lizardfolk shamblers are essentially ignored until the priest empowers them with an aura, Mustafa focuses on the Yuan-Ti and the priest while Kailey manages to take out a large chunk of the shamblers. Jacob was busy fending off two Yuan-Ti of his own. Mustafa summons Cormag to help clean up the strange lizardfolk. As the Yuan-Ti take wounds, they seem to bleed shadows instead of blood and began to benefit from the priest’s aura, hitting harder when they land a blow. Mustafa uses his sealing arts extensively through the battle, calling upon many elements to rend, burn, shock, crush, and consecrate his foes. An impressive fire and force combination is used on the foul priest with fatal results. Mustafa watches as the priest burns, but then seems to crumble and disintegrate into a swirling cloud of shadow. The cloud compresses and with a shockwave of dark power, explodes outward, leaving a tall, gaunt, shadowed horror standing where the priest had perished. As the shockwave passes over the fallen, it reanimates the corpses to join the fight once again. Luckily, only the weakest enemies have been dispatched, so they were easily ignored for the more serious threats posed by the Yuan-Ti and the newly come Shadow Spirit. Fierce fighting soon saw the foes dispatched, Mustafa finishing the Spirit with an explosive fire and radiant attack, blasting the head from the fiend’s shoulders. The battlefield lay quiet and the group begins to collect themselves to explore the area more. Further west, they can see what looks like the tops of ruined buildings, undoubted the location of the ruins of Toula ’Klache.


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