The Time of Shadows

Into the Marsh

The Adventures of Mustafa

Asking to be kept up to date on any strange goings-on, Mustafa leaves NOL to head to Delta Village. At the village, he is introduced to Borgen, a surly and lithe Dragonborn who refuses to guide Mustafa to the The Greenscale Tribe by demanding an outlandish price for his services. Mustafa doesn’t hesitate to agree, stunning Borgen, who can’t help but accept since he set the terms himself. After a quick supply run, Borgen guides Mustafa, Jacob, and Kailey to the nearby lake to make the beginning of the trek faster. 6 days into the Marsh and a Greenscale hunting party finds the group. They aren’t happy that people are trespassing and promise to forcefully escort Mustafa and crew from Greenscale lands. Mustafa does some swift talking and summons his Wyvern, Cormag, to show that he is a friend to reptiles and lizardfolk. The lizardfolk have a variety of reactions, but the hunting leader is awed and agrees to take Mustafa to the chieftain.


Rancorium Rancorium

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