The Time of Shadows

Seeing Some Results

The Adventures of Mustafa

Mustafa and the group start their trek to the ruins known as the Egg of the Gods. Several days of swamp walking brings them back to the The Greenscale Tribe main encampment. Where before their group was met with thinly veiled hostility, now there is an inkling of respect in the lizardfolks eyes. For a group of foreigners to return from the Sun Gods ruins, where even the lizardfolk have stopped entering, is no small task. Mustafa searches out a hedgewitch that can brew him some helpful potions and then seeks the shaman that sold them the ritual for ease of travel in the marsh. The shaman is ecstatic to see Mustafa and crew because he knows that they were sent to the ruins for answers and solutions regarding the Great Serpent. Within the last couple days the shaman has noticed a stronger connection to the Great Serpent. Stronger than it has been for months, years almost! The shaman is so happy with Mustafa that he gives them the ritual for free and casts it himself. Thanking the Shaman, Mustafa and his band head north for the next ruins. On the second night, they are attacked by a lone Yuan Ti, commanding a group of snakes with a flute. Mustafa pulled out some fancy sword work and showed some impressive teamwork with Cor Mag to deal with the assault. Combat wraps up and the group enters the outlying area of the Egg of the Gods a short time later. The group notices several hostile groups of lizardfolk wandering the ruins. Mustafa tries to sneak past the majority by taking out a lone enemy silently, but the enemy manages to alert his nearby friends before he dies, leaving Mustafa and his companions to fight.


Rancorium Rancorium

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