The Time of Shadows

Several Meetings with Ghosts

The Adventures of Mustafa

Mustafa and the gang partied with the Greenscale Tribe in celebration, but decided not to over-indulge for they had an important meeting in the morning; the shamans would beseech the Winged Serpent for an audience with Sheera Star. The ritual commenced shortly before dawn and with the first rays of the sun the ritual culminated in the shimmering form of the Winged Serpent being channeled through the lead shaman. The Winged Serpent congratulated Mustafa on his efforts on behalf of the Lizardfolk and asked the reason for the shamans summons. Mustafa was gracious and asked for a favor, namely a meeting with Sheera Star. Lizardfolk legend stated that Sheera was drawn into the heavens with the Winged Serpent at the end of her days for all the service she gave to the tribes. The Sun Deity inclined his head and a feather dropped to the ground from the crown of his head. When the feather touched the ground, light coalesced into the form of the half-elven warlock, Sheera Star.

Sheera was pleased to see that Mustafa was helping the tribes and was aware of the Shadow Lord’s mark upon him. Mustafa related that he was seeking her boon to solidify his alliance with the Shadow Vigil. She understood his wish and would gladly give it, once the tribes were finally safe. The threat to their safety lay in the Darkened Ruins of Toula ‘Klache to the west. Toula ’Klache was the old Lizardfolk God of war. Mainly due to Sheera Star’s efforts in the past, the tribes moved away from worshiping the war God and tied themselves more tightly to the Winged Serpent. Without the faithful, Toula ‘Klache has lost power and is mostly forgotten today, but the Shadow Lord’s minions enticed some of the smaller tribes to the old Ruins to revive the war God through worship and sacrifice. Sheera doesn’t know exactly what is going on, but is certain that none of the tribes that believed the Shadow Lord’s minion remain alive. With the Shadow Lord’s influence so close, it would only be a matter of time before the Sun God and the Winged Guardian fell again. Sheera bids Mustafa to stop the Shadow Lord’s machinations to safeguard the Tribe, afterwards, she will bestow her boon.

Mustafa, Jacob, and Kailey begin the roughly two day journey west towards the Darkened Ruins. An uneventful first day passes quickly. Mid-day on the second day however, the group becomes wary before stopping for a lunch break. They feel hateful eyes on them and start to look around at the scraggly trees that dot the area. They notice that the shadows under the boughs are too thick for the sparse branches and foliage could provide! Wraiths of tormented LIzardfolk seem to appear by soaking up the shadows under the trees. The party is surrounded quickly, but their natural resistances to necrotic damage keeps them unharmed from the weaker shades. Soon more apparitions appear, they look like wraiths, but their form is tattered and frayed at the edges. These souls are stronger and with a withering aura wrapped close about them. With their appearance, also comes a lone ghost, rising from a nearby pond to look balefully at the living interlopers. This ghost looks as if he has drown and wields a rough hewn cudgel with blades strapped to it to act as hooks. As the new wraiths close with Mustafa, the drown ghost is able to augment the withering aura of the wraiths as the combat goes on. Though with every strike against an augmented wraith, the extra power seems to fall away a bit. The group has terrible luck with their attacks all through the fight, but eventually, there are only a couple of the strong wraiths, a quartet of the weaker wraiths, and the drowned ghost remaining. The weaker shades are commanded over to the ghost, who hasn’t left the pond water since the fighting started, and with a gesture, the ghost consumes the small wraiths and steps off the water and charges Mustafa. The ghost has terrible luck as well and can’t seem to land a single blow before the stolen energy from the wraiths run out and he is forced back onto the pond. Mustafa and the rest deal with the remaining wraiths and close in on the ghost. After a failed attempt to drown Mustafa, the ghost is laid to rest by Mustafa’s blade. The party decides not to stop in such an unrestful place, and eats while walking.


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