The Time of Shadows

Snake Way

The Adventures of Mustafa

Faced with a horde of foes on the path ahead and a noxious and unfathomable depth of swamp muck below, Mustafa and friends prepare. The combat starts with the wraith-like lizardfolk charging. Their spectral swords made limbs leaden and imparted poison to the victim, but the early fighters were dispatched my Mustafa easily. Shadowy snakes proved no match for Kailey’s magic and Jacob’s Pike. The masters of the fiends were hanging back, arranging themselves further along the path to create bottlenecks that would give them the advantage over the heroes. But Mustafa had other ideas and hopped onto Cormag and flew into the rear of the enemies careful battle formation. This succeeded in getting him and Cormag swamped with foes and beleaguered with status effects. Kailey supported as best she could from across a gap too large for her to jump across. Jacob races along the path, being without the benefit of a flying mount, to join the fray. Mustafa is alternately dominated by the insideous divine influence of Zehir’s followers and bitten and poisoned by the summoned snakes and wraiths. All the while, the Lizardfolk archer from the previous fight is peppering the group with arrows. Cormag and Mustafa manage to pare down the number of foes around them and Jacob finishes his mad dash to reach the battle to help mop up. Mustafa commands Cormag to ferry Kailey closer to the remaining enemies as he and Jacob braved the slippery path. The cowardly archer continued to retreat along with the last Yuan-Ti until. After a vicious critical hit from Mustafa bloodies the Yuan-Ti, it looks only to escape and overtakes the lizardfolk to flee before Kailey, astride Cormag, block the exit. The Liazardfolk sees inevitable death in Mustafa’s blade and decided to take his chances swimming through the muck to escape. A desparate attempt, but ultimately, futile; as the lizard eventually drowns. Mustafa and his group tend their wounds and rest a moment before moving after the retreating Yuan-Ti. Fully expecting another ambush from the fleeing Yuan-Ti ahead of them, the group moves cautiously deeper into the ruins.


Rancorium Rancorium

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