The Time of Shadows

The last place you want to end up...

The Adventures of the Bobbletones

After clearing out Bailen’s Keep of the undead that were plaguing it, Bob and the rest of the group return to Bob’s Tower to rest and recuperate. Bob begins secretive research on some of the items pilfered from the Keep, while Bastet decides to start selling the more mundane items that were found. She heads to South Port to check what deals she can swing in the Wonder district. Not incredibly successful at the art of bargaining, Bastet is soon joined by the concerned party members Mustafa and Harlequin who take over the negotiations with the shop keepers. All said and done, the Bobbletones find a neat little profit over the appraised value for most of their swag. Thus unburdened, the Bobbletones prepare to retrieve the first piece of regalia from the devil’s that stole them. Bob researches how to open a portal to the planes of hell and even succeeds in finding a pathway through the ether that would set the party close to the goal.

Upon stepping through the portal, the Bobbletones find that their entrance to the plane has not gone unnoticed. The fortress is alive with activity and large siege weaponry is trained on the party quickly. The party double-times it to close with the nearest outlying gate, taking some siege fire in the process. Once close enough, the siege weapons stop and devilish troops begin to pile out of the gate to face the party!


Rancorium Rancorium

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