The Time of Shadows

LIzardfolk Legendary

The Adventures of Mustafa

The hunting party guides Mustafa and his companions to the ruins occupied by the Greenscale Tribe where the tribe has some fairly negative reactions. Almost to the chief, mob mentality wins over. Angry at the arrival of outsiders, stones are starting to get lobbed at Mustafa and the rest. Before it can get too out of hand, Mustafa summons Cormag again to impress the mob. Most are in awe of the wyvern and the human to summon it, but those closest to the wyvern are decidedly freaked out and try to flee, threatening to cause a panic. Fortunately, the Chieftain brings swift order to the mass of his tribesmen and beckons Mustafa to him. Starting out suspicious and hostile, Chieftain Darkclaw changes his tune when Mustafa asks after the legendary figure of Sheera Star, known to the lizardfolk as The Serpent Tamer. Mustafa learns that the Winged Serpent, the lizardfolk’s deity, is also tied to Sheera Star. Though the Winged Serpent has been absent of late and all the shamans who have sought it aren’t heard from again. Mustafa asks to seek the missing god as well, hoping that repeating the actions of Sheera Star might lead to obtaining her boon. To make an educated decision, Mustafa is taken through the ruins of the city to learn what is left of the lore of the Winged Serpent.

In essence, Mustafa learns that the Winged Serpent, known also as the Sun God, protected the lizardfolk since ancient times. At some point, some dark force struck down the Sun God and the lizardfolk were victimized and corrupted for a time. Sheera Star came and brought the Sun God back to the lizardfolk and might have helped save the tribes. It is said that Sheera Star stayed with the Sun God until her final days and that she was laid to rest beside the Sun God while it watched over the tribes.

And so Mustafa decides to head to the Sun God Ruins first. Borgon is reticent but realizes that since Mustafa volunteered to seek the Sun God, if he refused to be his guide, Borgon would lose much standing with the tribe. Before leaving, the party receives a ritual to make travelling the marsh easier. A couple days finds them nearing a well known holy site of the Sun God Ruins. Before they can enter the ruins, a Yuan-ti ambush is sprung! Could this be what happened to any other shamans that were seeking the Sun God?


Rancorium Rancorium

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