Journals of Rowena Fullblade

Filled with the week to week events in the heroines life.


Journals give the user a +5 bonus to history checks involving the War of the Shadow Lord and Rowena’s life.


It seems that Rowena filled up a journal every 2 years or so. Not every day has an entry and some entries are longer than others, but many importent events are chronicled within the little books. It is all written in a dialect that hasn’t been used in hundreds of years, making references to places and people that don’t exist anymore, save for a few familiar names that catch the eye. Most of her early entries are of her training with several mentors in preparation to join an adventuring Guild. Once she joins the Guild she writes about a couple different groups she is paired with, but none last longer than a couple of jobs. Until she meets a gnome named Vance Torten

Corrvill and Rauth are mentioned in the beginning of one journal. The translated passage reads thus:

“News came from Gromphor. Corrvill’s tyranny has ended in betrayal by Rauth. Those big statutes he was building woke up and flattened Corrvill’s capitol along with any of the poor people living under his thumb at the time. The bastard deserved it, but the lands of Myreddoria mourn the death of so many who didn’t. Rauth was spotted with Corrvill’s hated scepter in Jorrigarr just a couple days ago. It seems he was stirring up trouble with the Holdenguard there.”

Rowena makes periodic reference to growing troubles in the land as the months pass.

Journals of Rowena Fullblade

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