The Time of Shadows

Master of Circles
This Jerk don't understand liches

The Bobbletones, with the re-united Bastet, went in search on a collegie of Cornilius, a man that was said to be a master of magic circles. When they arrived on his island, by way of boat, they were beset by weird plant life monsters. After defeating the beasts, thy were meet by animals/sevents tha were created by the man they seeked. While talking to the man, they learned that he had no way of sealing off the dark energy that marked their souls. Bob, in his own quest to seal off the dark taint and to be able to serve and save the people of his realm, asked him about his knowledge about lichdom. The man, devouted to the natural order, wold not stand to see another perverse act come about. They were able to convince him that he didn’t mean what was said, bob and the bobbletones stayed the night and made their way back for the meeting with the Shadow Vigil.
And the meeting, Mustafa and Bob not only made peace but also got the right to continue with the aid of the Shadow Vigil as long as they got the blessing of all the original members of the heroes that originally defeated the Shadow Lord. Wth that, the bobbletones began their quest to get these blessings and made their way to 5 lakes hold, an area being attacked by giant-kin. Lake Rowena

Back in the Saddle
Tough choices for tough times

Coming back together to figure out someway to end the threat of the Shadow Lord and meeting an old friend, Bastet, The Bobbletones came up with a small plan to help win over the Shadow Vigil. They made their way to islands South of The Isles Del Azure. When arriving at the Islands, they are attacked by plant life adherents. After making quick work of them, they continue to make their way into the jungle to find a man that may be of help.

Getting out of the caves
Scary six caves

After clearing another shadow vigil temple, the Bobbletones had some time off so some of the members got a job to protect a caravan of people, more specifically just one caravan with a powerful item residing within. Their first stop was Underbloom, via a tunnel that goes through and under a mountain. On the first half on the mountain trek, they were attacked by well organized group of dark fiends such as a hook horror, mindflayer, and a grell. After the attack, many of the caravan wanted to turn around or abandon the single cart, but with Bob’s amazing gift of gab and magic to aid him, he convinced the merchants to press on, and Six scared the guards into joining them.

Catching up

The Bobbletones have completed the tower and have half of the elementals bound to the tower and the control device. They spent some time looking around Altoor Rang, hoping that Harleyquinn would show up. After 6 days, they went to Cornilius to look for Harleyquinn. The found a cleric woman named Harley. She turned out to be a part of their Harleyquinn, through means unknown. When they took her to Cornilius, after a brief spat in the dungeon, they left, with belief that they cannot trust Cornilius either.

Sand Attack

4-29 Upon discovering a Brown Dragon’s lair, we are attacked by the dragons remnet servants. A long battle ensued, 6 fighting the largest of them and trapping him against a barrier of fire. They were defeated and the reward was seized by Isely. A new Brown Dragon attacked from the sand, having found the lair years ago.
After Tyler’s tragic death, and Pete’s characters sudden bout of narcoleptic-invisibility, the rest of the party fought on against the dragon. Wily as the serpent was, it felt it’s own mortality after the groups unrelenting assaults and fled by burrowing away. The group immediately started looting what goods were available; Steve discovered that the chests and containers the Nagpa caster had stood upon were filled with many rare spices and recipes. Alex disarmed the deadly fire traps so that Mike and Michael could hack at the pile of fused gold, silver and copper so that they could extricate the fine armor and several gems from the pile, and also the lumps of melted currency that they could pocket. After 3 minutes, Steve had finished transferring the spices and remarked that there was an ominous rumbling in the surroundings, similar to the rumblings that preceded the dragon when it first arrived. Advocating escape, Steve urged the others to abandon their efforts to take everything not nailed down, but his words fell on deaf ears. In short order, the dragon reappeared and resumed it’s attack, this time, grabbing Michael and dragging him under the sands. Mike, Steve and Alex could do nothing without a target until the dragon emerged once more, without Michael’s character. Fierce combat ensued, Michael rejoining as soon as he used Shady’s power to return to the surface and rejoin his comrades. The dragon was soon in mortal danger once again, and decided to break off his attack in favor of living to fight another day. Michael was all for tracking the dragon through the sands and forcing it too submit, but was over-ruled by the others and used Shady’s power once more to escape the underground lair. They brought Tyler’s body with them and Bob’s as well. Upon reaching the surface, they found themselves directly over the quicksand that had brought them to the lair in the first place. Michael was out of energy to lend to Shady, and so gave the veil to Alex in order to make their way onto solid sand again. Once no longer insubstantial, they made all haste to return to Solitronia with their prizes and their fallen. They journey in the desert still, an uneasy feeling following them along, as if they are being watched…

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