The Heavenly Lily

Lily is the adopted daughter and first student of Stark Arctel. She once lived in Altoor’ Rang as daughter of two mages who were members of the guild there. Her parents were kind people that helped anybody in need. One day her parents had stopped a band of slavers from raiding a caravan. One slaver managed to escape shouting that they should fear the wrath of the Terra Clan. A month later, Lily’s parents were planning a trip to Unterbloom for business. They were going to teleport to save time, when a man in a dark purple robe with long black hair approached them. It was Zerva, one of their wizard colleagues in the mages guild. He told them to go to Fallen Oak. There they would find the slaver that escaped in the encounter a month past raiding the town looking for them. He told them that he would take Lily home and ask some of their friends to join them for dealing with the irate slaver. Her parents thanked their friend and left by horse back. Zerva let a small smirk slip, before reaching out his hand to walk Lily home. She saw that he had a Signet ring with a strange symbol, and when she looked up at him, a cold feeling of fear overtook her for a moment. Zerva took her home where she waited. The next morning there was a messenger bidding her to come to the mage guild. When she arrived, she was taken to an office by a mage friend of her fathers’. He told her that her parents were killed by highway-men on the way to Fallen Oak. Lily broke into tears. The mage tried his best to console her, saying that if only he would have known her parents were leaving the city, he would have joined them. Confused, she asked about Zerva, about how he was the one who told her parents about the raiding slaver and how he was supposed to find help to send after her parents. He told her that the only thing Zerva did yesterday, was resign from the guild. Nobody had heard anything about a raid on Fallen Oak. He began to suspect foul play and asked Lily if she had noticed anything else strange about Zerva. She recalled the fear she had felt yesterday and told him about signet ring Zerva wore. He promised her that he would investigate the circumstances of her parents deaths. He walked her home only to find that it was trashed. It looked as if someone had torn the house apart looking for something, or someone. It was too much of a coincidence for the mage accompanying Lily. He decided that it was no longer safe for her here. He told her that he would take her some where safe. They disguised themselves and left to Fallen Oak.

They hid out for a month in Fallen Oak with out incident, until one fateful day the mage had gone out to investigate the murder of her parents. He told Lily the he would be back in the morning and left for the day. He did not come home the next morning. Two days later Lily awoke to a noise in the kitchen. It was the mage, returned now, but he was bloody and beaten, gasping for air. He told her that she must run now and never look back. The Terra clan was coming for her, tonight! He handed her the enchanted bag he always carried and told her it now held some money, her parents signet rings from the guild, and all the information he had gathered pertaining to her parents’ death. She wanted to get him help, the town guards or the militia; but he told her that it was much too late for that. Before practically pushing her out the door, he made her promise to do three things with her life. One, to honor her parents by keeping their virtues close to heart. Two, to not walk on the side of darkness and vengeance, instead to walk in the light and find a way to bring justice where you can. Three, never lose the joy and happiness that you have in your heart! Find friends to help protect it. Securing her word, he pulled a small potion from his pocket and drank it with one gulp. Instantly, he stood straighter, and some of his wounds ceased bleeding. He told her he would buy her as much time as he could so she could flee. Lily thanked him for all he had done and ran out the back door. She ran to the edge of town before being stopped by a thunderous explosion. She looked back to see their house on fire. Tears began to flow freely as she realized that must be the end of her last friend in the world. She was jerked from her grief when she notice two men charging at her with a net readied in each of their hands. Lily ran on, spotting a graveyard and upon entering it, tried to find a hiding spot. However, all the gravestones were stunted and provided no concealment from her pursuers as they made a straight line towards her. As she continued her escape through the yard, Lily saw a cleric, flanked by two armored individuals paying homage at a grave marker. She recognized the cleric by her robes as a worshiper of Avandra and screamed for help as those chasing her caught up and flung theirs nets over her. Alerted by her screams, the cleric’s escorts turned and raced to her aid. Lily’s captors fell swiftly to her rescuers and after being freed of the nets, Lily thanked them and explains what had happened.

Life with Stark and onward….

Lily grew attached to Stark and the paladin very quickly, as she does with most people. Eventually she she took an interest in swordplay and talked Stark into teaching her. When Stark asked her why she wanted to learn to fight, she said she was tired of people risking themselves for her sake. Lily wanted to be stronger so she could help people. She wanted to put an end to groups like the Terra Clan. Reluctantly he agreed to do it, on the condition that she would become a paladen. Stark said it would suit her better than being a fighter. She agreed and her training began. Two years later Lily gain 2 fellow students named Tallon and Mustafa. When their training was complete each of them got a custom set of armor with Stark’s emblem, a weapon of their choice, and a jewel that represented a warriors principle. Lily went to South Port where she aided the people against thieves, pirates, and smugglers. She wore a mask to hide her identity from getting out. Just as a precaution against the Terra Clan finding her. The people began to call her the Heavenly Lily. She became well known in South Port, to the point were even the captain of the royal guard had become intrigued. He asked her, Tallon and a few others to be part of an order that would bring justice to those in need. Especially with a ruler like the one they have. They agreed and the N.O.L was formed. Lily now spends her time patrolling the city, visiting Stark and the paladen. Having lunch with Diane and Tallon, and finding out the latest news on the Bobltones.


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