He was born on the Isle de Azul, as part of the Azure tribe. The Azure were once proud demon hunters. Their skills were known all over the region. This also attracted the attention of a pirate warlord looking to expand his territory and forces. The warlord Captain Barrigan sent envoys to the Azure, telling them to serve under him and only hunt for him. The Azure refuse to bow to Barrigan’s rule and reject his envoys. After his envoys were forced back, Barrigan decided that if he could not have them under his control, then their tribe was not necessary to the world. He sent waves of battalions against the Azure. Mustafa was only a child then, but he witnessed many of the deaths of his tribesmen. Mustafa and a few of the other children were hidden on a boat heading to the mainland. As the boat was sent off, two of Barrigan’s most loyal servants appeared from the forest and saw the boat. Pardue the Warlock and Tiffany the Sorceress made quick work of the warriors guarding the launch, but the boat was too far for their spells to reach. Pardue sent a sign to the nearby ships to attack anything moving in the water. The tiny ship was halfway to the mainland when they were met with a large galleon. It was Barrigan’s flagship. Mustafa stared into the eyes of the monster that destroyed his homeland and people. Barrigan only smiled back before giving the command to fire on them. With a single salvo the boat was reduced to shambles, and with that the galleon return to the island. Mustafa was sure he and the others would not survive, but he did not hear the call of the raven queen. Mustafa awoke on a beach on the mainland in South Port. He was tired and alone. He searched the beach to find only remnants of the ship but no bodies.

He passed out once more thinking this would be the end, only to awaken in a mysterious room. He was in a small hidden estate at the edge of South Port A man walked in the room. He was the owner of the small estate in which Mustafa was in. His name was Stark Arctel. He was a former bounty hunter. He found Mustafa on the beach passed out and injured. Mustafa told the man what had happen to his people and how he could not find the three others he was with. Stark ask Mustafa what he intended to do when he was healthy. Mustafa wanted nothing more than to make Barrigan and his men pay for their sins against his tribe with their blood. Stark chuckled then asked how was he going to do this. Mustafa would be up against an army of pirates. Even if it meant his death, he would bring an end to Barrigan. Stark smiled at his resolve. He offered to teach Mustafa how to fight. He told Mustafa he would only teach him the basics; That if he wanted to be a master at sword play, he must travel the world to experience as many styles as he could, meet many people, make friends and maybe even fall in love(>_>). When he had done all that, then Mustafa would be ready to fight Barrigan. But Mustafa had to promised one thing in return. That he must never lose himself in his revenge, to remain true to himself. For revenge was a dangerous road, and with that he began his training. For 8 years he trained under Stark. He did not train alone though, Stark had two other students he was training. They were orphans like Mustafa. The first was a half elf girl named Lily. She was Stark’s top student. She learned her swordplay under Stark, but also trained with a paladin that visited Stark often. The other student was named Tallon. He was a Tiefling who wanted to be a swordmage, the style that Stark’s late wife had used. Tallen considered Mustafa his friendly rival, the three of them were extremely loyal to each other and to Stark. Mustafa grew to accept them as his new family. When he was 17, Mustafa, Lily, and Tallen left to travel the world. They each promised their master and themselves that they would meet again and show him and one another how much they had learned. Upon leaving Stark gave them all a gem for each of the to carry with them and a custom set of robes and armor with Stark’s symbol to show what school they had come from. The gems where to symbolize three of the seven virtues Stark taught them. Mustafa received justice, an onyx gem that he keep tied to his falchion before departing.

Recently Mustafa joined up with Bobltones. During their adventures, they accidentally release a horrible evil known as the Shadow Lord. After much hard work and harrowing escapes, they all managed to temporarily seal him a way. Now they are currently making preparations to deal with that problem in a more permanent manner.

Pesonal goal
1. Avenge the Azure by killing Barrigan. Clear!!!
2. Get Wyvern Clear!!!
3. Free Self From Mary. Clear!!!
4. Regain Homeland from the King.
5. Deal with Shadow Lord and the unjust Vigil.
6. Become a Swordsman of great renoun.
7. Kill Razor Fang.
8. Deal with the strange happenings in Homeland. Clear!!!
9. Find other survivers of the Azure Clan.


The Time of Shadows Rancorium Tatsu