About 5 years ago and after much searching, a former necromancer turned artificer by the name of Mannimarco Romulus had finally found an old creation forge that had been sealed away long ago. Having formally been a necromancer and looking to expand his knowledge in the creation of unquestioning minions (that wouldn’t automatically form small militias out of terrified villages when spotted), Mannimarco tried his best to use the forge to create a much more subtle personal army. However, since he was still a novice artificer, he wasn’t quite sure how to work the creation forge. He could get it to create the form of a warforged, but upon construction, it would collapse to the ground, lifeless.

Confused and increasingly frustrated, he began mixing theories of artificing and necromancy, using the trapped souls of his previous victims to infuse into the constructs. With this, he achieved mixed results: the warforged would emerge from the creation forge alive, but more often than not they would be uncontrollable and filled with such fury that Mannimarco would have to destroy them before they could destroy either the forge they were built from or Mannimarco himself. When they did emerge from the creation forge in a state other than pure rage, they would often display “evil” tendencies, such as torturing and killing small animals for no reason, picking fights with the other warforged, or even random maniacal laughter, all of which actually suited their new master just fine. After finally expending the last soul in his possession, Mannimarco was now in control of a total of thirteen controllable warforged. They were named in the order of their creation.

Once complete, Mannimarco outfitted the group and instructed them to bring him more victims, from which he could extract souls to further power the creation forge. Unfortunately, Mannimarco didn’t stop to think that a menacing group of thirteen warforged could get a village riled up nearly as quickly as an undead hoard. It only took a couple of sacked villages to get the attention of the king of Altor Rang, who sent a platoon of soldiers to find and kill Mannimarco. The platoon had arrived and dispatched the novice artificer just as the warforged were returning to his lair with about two dozen captured villagers. Upon seeing the corpse of their leader, most of the warforged, including Six, assumed that they now belonged to the men of the platoon. However, one of them, called Ten, saw this as a chance of escape, and quickly killed the men assigned to shackle him as he ran off, deeper into the caverns Mannimarco had been using as his lair.

News of Mannimarco Romulus spread far and wide, as did rumors of his insanity as a necromancer who used a squad of warforged to do his bidding. Not knowing what to do with a group of warforged that identified themselves more as possessions that living creatures, they were sold off in one of the most controversial auctions in the history of Altor Rang. Six was purchased by a wealthy noblewoman visiting Altor Rang on business from Solitronia. Little did anyone at the auction know that, not only was this woman a member of the Shadow Vigil, but that she was one of their highest ranking members; a Lamia by the name of Jezibel, who was interested in the idea of an ever-watchful guard for the temple where she served.

As its new owner, Six listened and obeyed everything she ordered it to do, albeit with some disdain since it had enjoyed slaying guards and capturing villagers a great deal more than “Watch this room, forever.” Six served as a sentry in the underground Shadow Vigil temple in Solitronia for three years until a rouge training exercise by one of the other members had somehow accidently destroyed the soul that was powering it. Six was shipped off to another, larger Shadow Vigil temple in the hopes of repairing it. During its time there, the artificers were able to restore some level of sentience in Six, but could not sustain it permanently, or even for very long. As a result, Six was mostly used for menial labor around the temple when needed and stored in an out-of-the-way room or left to stand next to where it finished when not. One of Six’s last tasks before joining its current party was the maintenance of the room containing the Shadow Lord, an area considered to be terrifying to all but the most hardened and/or ignorant of the Shadow Vigil, and also the place where it would receive both its greatest gift and most crippling curse.


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