The Greenscale Tribe

Tribe population: 7,306

Ruled by Chieftain Darkclaw(link). This tribe used to be one of many in the marsh. Conflict wiped out several tribes before Darkclaw’s predecessor, Sharptooth the Keen-eyed(link), conquered the second biggest tribe through subterfuge and made many smaller clans swear alliances to him. The remaining tribes could not stand against the new force he had rallied and were forced to bow and join him. Sharptooth began training Darkclaw as his successor as soon as all the tribes were joined. He made sure Darkclaw was strong of body and mind, and that he was seen be all the Lizard Folk as strong. When Sharptooth judged Darkclaw was ready, he stepped down as Chieftain and Darkclaw became Chief. Sharptooth was a valued adviser until he died, and by that time, Darkclaw had built up stable trade routes, secure borders and tribal unity.

Chieftain Darkclaw

Chieftain Sharptooth the Keen-Eyed

The Greenscale Tribe

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