The Time of Shadows

Bring the Fight to the Giants

Cause we couldn't agree on a plan.

The Bobbletones, in there quest to save the people of Five Lakes hold, began looking at all their options. They had to sneak into the Giants Fortress, and kill all of the giants. They came to an idea that they can poison the minds of the giants to make them weak. When they go to Key Lake, they were attacked by the towns folk, still under the believe that they were wanted criminals. The poision plan now was at a dead end. They went to Rowana fullblades forward camp, they Tiral had a vision of Rowana that told him if we wanted to receive her blessing then we have to save the villages from the giants Coming up with a new plan after speaking with the spirits of Nature, Bob purposed that they sneak in with the tribute via the Exodus Knife that they have and come out of the dimensional portal after they have put the good in their fort. This plan was shot down repeatedly by Harlequin. When asked what she suggested, she said she didn’t have a plan. In the arguing, Tiral Left for up the mountain, knowing what needed to be done. Chasing after him, the bobbletones were attacked by several cyclops and a Stone Giant.


Rancorium GSoto

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