The Time of Shadows

Clearing Out the Temple

The Adventures of Mustafa

Only a couple rooms remain to explore, several have hidden snakes in them, but the foes are not hard to dispatch for Mustafa and his team. One of the rooms has the stories of Lizardfolk heroes displayed on it’s walls, the rooms reverence for the honored dead is marred by the corpse of a local champion, desecrated and carved with runes like all the other corpses Mustafa had found. The last room had peculiar murals and pictures carved and painted on the walls. It seemed to hold a record of the current rise of the The Greenscale Tribe, but it looked like it was set in the ancient stone long, long ago. Most startling was the depiction of a small group of figures that looked to be leaving the Greenscale Tribe in search of the Winged Serpent. Each figure seemed to resemble Mustafa and his crew…

Deciding not to think too deeply upon the eerie murals, Mustafa moves to the furthest rooms in the temple and finds a group of Yuan-Ti guarding the last room where it sounds like a dark ritual is going on. Battle ensues and Mustafa shows why it is never a good idea to cross swords with him as he brutally takes down foe after foe. Brogan seems to be learning from his example, as he makes a very good showing in the fight. Finishing the last Yuan-Ti with a writhing water snake, Mustafa tries to access the last room to stop the ritual, but finds the archway magically barred. Knowing there is very little time, Mustafa bids his companions to gather close and uses the magic of Shady to bypass the ward altogether. Unfortunately, there are redundant protections and Mustafa’s roaring charge is repelled once again. The ritual seems to be rising to a crescendo and the team looks frantically for a weakness in these new wards. Mustafa finds them finally and destroys them, but gets caught in a magical backlash that throws him back and seems to slow his actions to a crawl. Jacob takes up the charge to stop the ritual just in time and manages to interrupt the last Yuan-Ti with a pike to the back. The fight is joined once again and the Yuan-Ti tries to dominate it’s foes, but it’s too little, too late and the treacherous snake falls to a powerful sword technique from Mustafa.

Brogan begins to clean the sacred site and is once more the mouth-piece for the Winged Serpent. The deity bids Mustafa to continue to the Sea God’s Temple to cleanse the taint from it. Only then will the Winged Serpent be able to fully protect the LIzardfolk. Only then will the Winged Serpent help Mustafa connect with the spirit of the Sheera Star. Brogan tells the group that he is staying behind to start the cleansing process of this temple. This will help the Winged Serpent to exert his power on the plane more and help guide the Lizardfolk once again. All bid the lithe Dragonborn a farewell and start back towards the Greenscale Tribes city to pick up another guide so that they can head to the Sea God’s Temple.


Rancorium Rancorium

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