The Time of Shadows

Master of Circles

This Jerk don't understand liches

The Bobbletones, with the re-united Bastet, went in search on a collegie of Cornilius, a man that was said to be a master of magic circles. When they arrived on his island, by way of boat, they were beset by weird plant life monsters. After defeating the beasts, thy were meet by animals/sevents tha were created by the man they seeked. While talking to the man, they learned that he had no way of sealing off the dark energy that marked their souls. Bob, in his own quest to seal off the dark taint and to be able to serve and save the people of his realm, asked him about his knowledge about lichdom. The man, devouted to the natural order, wold not stand to see another perverse act come about. They were able to convince him that he didn’t mean what was said, bob and the bobbletones stayed the night and made their way back for the meeting with the Shadow Vigil.
And the meeting, Mustafa and Bob not only made peace but also got the right to continue with the aid of the Shadow Vigil as long as they got the blessing of all the original members of the heroes that originally defeated the Shadow Lord. Wth that, the bobbletones began their quest to get these blessings and made their way to 5 lakes hold, an area being attacked by giant-kin. Lake Rowena


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