The Time of Shadows

On to the Ocean Gods Ruins

The Adventures of Mustafa

Mustafa, Kailey, and Jacob make their way back to the The Greenscale Tribe city with little trouble or delay. As the lizardfolk recognize the group they are shown great respect and are generally greeted with excitement. Before penetrating too far into the city, Mustafa is met by a group of the elite warriors that guard the chieftain. They say the chieftain would like to meet with him and thank him for the efforts made so far. Mustafa graciously agrees and everyone marches to stand before Chief Darkclaw. The chieftain’s remaining shamans are nothing but grateful to Mustafa and the head shaman offers a life debt to Mustafa for returning the tribes faith. Mustafa stumbles slightly in his gracious refusal, but does ask to be allowed to stay the night inside for him and his companions, seeing as they’ve been roughing it for a couple weeks now. Kailey and Jacob are grateful for the respite. Chief Darkclaw throws an impromptu feast in Mustafa’s honor and there is much fun and merriment.

In the morning, the group heads south to the Ocean God’s Temple ruins. after several days, they pass along the Sun God’s Temple ruins and see that the Greenscale Tribe’s warriors are clearing any remaining malign forces from the area. Seeing that the lizardfolk are out in force, Mustafa sees no need to step in and help them for now. Continuing on, the group reaches the Ocean God Ruins after another several days. As they approach the Temple, a storm starts to gather and swiftly turns into the beginnings of a monsoon. A search begins for the Temple entrance and Jacob manages to spot a likely candidate right off by climbing one of the few remaining tall pillars. Shortly, the group stands in the driving rain in front of a pair of large stone double doors leading into the Temple. Rather than brute strength the doors open, Mustafa beckons Kailey and Jacob close and uses Shady’s power to phase through the door, thus getting the drop on a quartet of lizardfolk wraiths! Mustafa strides into the center of the room and sets himself in defense as the wraiths shriek their hate for the living and charge him. A swift melee leaves Mustafa and crew unscathed and they are able to take a closer look at their surroundings. The back half of the building has crumbled away and is quickly taking on the appearance of a lake as the burgeoning monsoon makes the already full swamp water rise.

Mustafa and the rest find stairs at the rear of the room, exposed to much of the weather, and descend carefully to the lower levels of the Temple. At the bottom of the stairs, they exit into a small room and try to pick their way silently forward. Jacob seems unable to keep the noise down though so it’s no surprise to Mustafa that when he rounds a couple corners, he finds foes already alerted to his presence. A Yuan-Ti and what appears to be his pet shadow snake lie in wait and attack as soon as Mustafa shows himself. Soon after the battle is joined by another pair of foes; Yuan-Ti and snake. Though the Yuan-Ti are big and brutish, Mustafa and the others are not in dire peril from foes so inexperienced and are able to finish them off without too much trouble. The way forward is barred by another set of big stone double doors, which Mustafa decides to brute force open this time. The doors grate slowly and very loudly open to reveal a motley crew of Yuan-Ti and wraiths waiting on the other side. No surprises this time either!


Rancorium Rancorium

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