The Time of Shadows

Sneaking is Tough

The Adventures of Mustafa

Mustafa and crew dispatch the Lizardfolk and the Shadow snakes in the immediate vicinity with relative ease. Sneaking was never Kailey’s strong suit. Carefully moving closer to the center of the ruins, Mustafa manages to avoid all peril until he can see the center of the ruins sitting in a natural depression in the landscape. The ruins look like several sets of walls circling a small center area where they can almost make out a set of old stairs leading below the ground. Brogen assures the group that that’s the way deeper into the ruins, however, they also notice a group of Yuan-Ti out guarding the ruins. Those Yuan-TI in the center held large bows, their eyes scanning all around. The ones outside the ruins walls held wicked scimitars. Once again, everyone tries to sneak closer, but Kailey is sooooo bad at it that she alerts the closest one, which in turn alerts the rest. Burly Yuan-Ti that were guarding the perimeter converge on Mustafa’s group and battle is soon met. The Yuan-Ti aren’t the only ones to attack though, several shadowy snakes join the fray and make life difficult for the group. Eventually, the outer guards are defeated and Mustafa contemplates how they are going to get to the center without having to walk the whole way around, possibly gaining the attention of more guards.


Rancorium Rancorium

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