The Time of Shadows

Underground We Go

The Adventures of Mustafa

Mustafa decides to enlist the help of the artifact Shady to get them all through the walls without revealing themselves to the archer Yuan-Ti still inside the center portions of the ruins. Shady is a little sullen that nobody talks with her anymore, but is still willing to help. The group all share contact with Mustafa and using Shady, they all become insubstantial enough to pass through solid stone walls. Which surely surprises the Yuan-Ti on the other side, who had expected the group to be coming from the opposite direction. Not wanting to waste time, Mustafa continued on, breaching the inner rings of the ruins and facing off with the Yuan-Ti wielding the bows. After some impressive sword work, Mustafa and crew are finally foe-free and they spend a moment or two healing their wounds.

Several stories below the surface, Mustafa and the rest are let out in a tight tunnel, which connects to several other rooms. Inside each room there are pictographs showing the origins of a different tribe of lizardfolk. Unfortunately, inside each room is the corpse of one member of each of the tribes, corresponding to the pictographs unique to each room. Also inhabiting the rooms are vicious snakes that have more than the usual intelligence, able to set up ambushes and employ some small tactics. Mustafa and crew don’t have trouble dispatching the snakes, but they are making an awful racket while they do it….


Rancorium Rancorium

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