The Time of Shadows

Magic Barriers and Their Keys

The Adventures of Mustafa

As Mustafa, Kailey, and Jacob step out onto the lower level of the temple, they are assaulted by a foul odor that seems to be emanating from a ten foot wide pit shortly after the final stair. It’s depth is unknown as Mustafa moves close to examine it. Finding nothing interesting besides the stench, the group moves onward. There are several corridors branching from the pit room. The floors are stout and level stonework as are the walls, supported by timbers. Mustafa begins to explore the corridors and the rooms he finds. Most are empty, but some have old storage piled in a corner. As he starts to sift through some of the weathered crates and beaten chests for something useful, all the years of dust and grit is displaced. The fragments start to swirl ominously and soon a strong wind is felt that picks up small pieces of wood and old fabrics, broken bottles and then whole crates! One of the smokey figures stands before the group, suffused with decades old junk. Jake begins the attack and scores several good hits, but it is Mustafa that shows he is most powerful. With the aid of his sigils and runes, he is able to empower his fullblade and lay the hurt on the smokey shade. Kailey jumps in at the end with a critical attack that dispatches the aggressive manifestation, strewing the junk that ir had managed to hold on to all over the room. As Mustafa leaves the room, he hears that taunting voice whisper “Only one left…”

More exploration leads the group to a branch that is barred by a solid curtain of shadow. As Mustafa grows close, he feels his brand start to tingle, then sting, then ache. He holds off getting too close, and asks Kailey if she knows anything about it or how to bypass it. She meditates and surmisses that it is a part of the shadowfel that was brought onto the physical plane. Mustafa scouts some side passages in the hallways around the shadowfel veil and discovers more impassable branches. This time, blocked by rocks, dirt and old timber as if a hallway had suffered a cave in in the times past. About to return to the veil and find a way through, a blast of wind flares in the confined space and starts to gather dust, then dirt, then stones and timbers into a whirling humanoid mass! It seems as if the last smoke apparition has chosen it’s time to attack! The material that it is using for it’s makeup are considerably bigger

Killed big smoke knight.

Found Water orb.

Found earth orb.

Found fire orb, but couldn’t collect due to water orb still in his hand. Use earth orb to see about levitating the rocks around the fire, but orb super powers the command and almost causes a cave-in.

Deposits the water orb in sigil room. feels like la hammer to the lungs.

Return for fire orb, by lowering tower of dirt.

Grabs the fire orb and deposits it in it’s sigil space.

Can’t find the Wind orb, so uses the earth orb to super power his punch which does cause a cave in and everyone is late that day.

Stumped, the party begins to squabble a bit, when someone mentions that the other orbs were nestled in their respective elements. So everyone should go upstairs to see the sky and find the orb there.


Rancorium Rancorium

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